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Buzzkill – Non-alcohol Sauvignon Blanc (4 pack)

Buzzkill – Non-alcohol Sauvignon Blanc (4 pack)


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Buzzkill is an alcohol-removed Sauvignon Blanc for people who can’t, shouldn’t, or don’t want to get f*&^ed up.

Crafted in small batches by their renowned in-house winemaker, Buzzkill is the highest-quality alcohol-removed wine you’ll find.


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We didn’t want something that “tastes like” wine. We wanted wine. Without the alcohol. Plain and simple!

So, we started with REAL WINE, made with grapes harvested, crushed, and fermented by renowned California growers. We then gently heated it to remove the alcohol and preserve everything else we all hold sacred — taste, mouthfeel, legs, and all.


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